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Jam Collective and the need of a better process

Submitted by Baris Tosun on Thu, 02/02/2017 - 08:31

The 4th Jam Collective session is coming up this Sunday and I'm barely half way through mixing the last session. That's partly my fault - I haven't really made time for it until now - but there are other factors. The big one is that we had a 5 hour session last time. That's over 4 hours of audio to work on!

I don't need to listen to the whole session from beginning to end: Normally, once I have a good basic mix, I only really need to cut the tracks where they begin and end, with a cursory check to make sure the levels are still OK.

Music .plan published

Submitted by Baris Tosun on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 21:03

Birth of the jam collective

Clancy and I have been to my studio in Turkey a number of times now, and last summer we acquired a drum kit. I learned a lot about mic'ing and mixing drums. But as always, the holiday was over too soon. I wanted more, so I decided to start a monthly jamming session, where I could mic the sessions up and get tonnes of sound files to work with.