Music .plan published

Submitted by Baris Tosun on Tue, 01/10/2017 - 21:03

Birth of the jam collective

Clancy and I have been to my studio in Turkey a number of times now, and last summer we acquired a drum kit. I learned a lot about mic'ing and mixing drums. But as always, the holiday was over too soon. I wanted more, so I decided to start a monthly jamming session, where I could mic the sessions up and get tonnes of sound files to work with.

A little research led to discovering t-on studios. The owner is a guy called Peter who is an experienced audio engineer and producer. The studio is packed full of great gear, and is in excellent condition - quite unlike what I'm used to in London!

'There's a facebook group for that'

Next I had to find the people. I posted the rough outline of my idea on the Band/Musiker Suche Wien group on facebook (band/musician search).

I got a really great response from the group, and many of those who responded came along to the first session.

The music

Each session is around 4 hours long. With setup and setdown(?) time, that's up to 2.5 hours of playing time. I like to keep the mics recording for as much of that time as possible, since you never know when something great will happen. I want to record it all.

After each session I listen through it all and cut the session into 'jams' - musical performances that could be identified as songs.

I then post links to the tracks online each month. They're rough mixes, and initially they're mainly for us to listen to. The .plan is to release a compilation of the best material at a later date.

You can listen to the monthly rough mixes here.

The sessions are currently organised via the facebook group. If you're in Vienna and are interested, come and take a look!