Stoner Rock Jam Collective: Now on Bandcamp!

Submitted by Baris Tosun on Thu, 03/23/2017 - 20:24

Slightly edited version of a post I made on facebook earlier today:

Last November I started a project: the Stoner Rock Jam Collective. The idea was to get some rock loving musicians in a room and hit ‘record’ for 4-5 hours - each session is entirely improvised.

Every month I book a room at a rehearsal studio (in Vienna) and we go again. I’ve been at it for 5 months now, and my goal is to continue for at least a year, or until I have enough material for a compilation.

I try to upload a quick mix of the sessions, so the musicians and I can listen back. The latest uploads are of session #3. The link is below if you want to listen:

The tracks are free to listen. If you like the songs or if you want to support the group, you can also purchase them. Check it out, let me know what you think…