Sound Farm Studio

A fully equipped recording facility based in the remote Turkish suburbs of Muğla, Sound Farm Studios offers tools for writing, recording and mixing music. The facility is available for bookings all year round.


A 5m x 4m treated control room is the centre-piece of Sound Farm studio, visitors also have access to a rehearsal room where they can try out new ideas.


Everything you need to write, rehearse and record your music is at your disposal, though the greatest asset is the distraction-free location. The studio is far from the noise of traffic and City living, giving your musical ideas room to grow. The studio engineer will be available to set all the equipment up for you. Any necessary equipment not listed below can be brought in for your session (please contact us for more details):


  • Yamaha Pacifica (w/ Seymour Duncan p/ups)
  • Fender Jagstang
  • Studio bass
  • Full-sized acoustic guitar
  • Classic guitar
  • Various percussive instruments


  • Carlsbro TC15H + 12" cab
  • Marshall MG30RCD


  • Yamaha MSP5


  • Neumann TLM103
  • Stellar CM6
  • Shure SM57
  • + others (we can record up to 16 tracks simultaneously).



Sound Farm studio is based in the suburbs of Muğla City, in the South West of Turkey. The nearest airport is Bodrum - an easyjet and thomascook destination - flights can be found during the summer months for as little as £50 return.


The studio is built into an extension of a 2 floor summer house on a farm. Up to four people can be accommodated in two double bedrooms, with bed and breakfast included. Cleaning and washing services are also included in the booking fee.


The studio is fairly isolated from the City, and regular shopping trips are made to the local supermarket and into the town centre. Visitor attractions and beaches are also located within driving distance. Visits can be arranged during your stay.


The booking fee includes:

  • transport to/from the airport
  • bed and breakfast accommodation
  • engineer time
  • rehearsal room
  • shopping trips, and arranged attraction visits
  • a crate of beer

Whether you book a weekend demo session or a 2-month album recording session, the engineer will be on-site for the duration of your booking and will be responsible for all aspects of your visit.


Contact us for a quote, stating how many of you are interested in visiting, how long for and when. For information regarding bookings or for general enquiries regarding the facility, please send an email to