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Paper Wallpaper - by paper wallpaper

[press contact:] Paper Wallpaper - by paper wallpaper “Reminds me of Snow Patrol before they turned shit” -Trevor Masterson, Level Gain Records "this album is addictive - I can't stop repeating it" - Anthony Johns - Producer, session drummer

The Album

Dominic Remmerswaal, aka paper wallpaper, has released the self-titled debut album Paper Wallpaper 6 weeks after the launch of the Song For Pomegranates single. The album contains a further 8 tracks with a variety of styles on offer.

The Artist

Dominic Remmerswaal aka paper wallpaper is a 23 year old hitchhiker who left his home town in New Zealand 4 years ago and has been on the road since. Equipped with his guitar he spends his time either busking for money or worrying about where to sleep for the night. His songs are inspired by his journey so far, and capture various moments or events that have occurred along the way. Released under the alias ‘paper wallpaper’, Paper Wallpaper contains a selection of songs which have been written and honed on the road, and others, like ‘For Mum On Her Day’, that were written during the album recording sessions. Throughout the album you’ll find unconventional hooks and song-writing, plenty of rough ‘n’ ready recordings combined with more produced numbers. The variety of styles is unified by a distinct character. There’s an honesty in the performances that will appeal to fans of a variety of genres. The honest lyrics are layered upon a backdrop of organic instruments and soft, mellow sound effects, a variety of musical influences is demonstrated throughout the album.


“Dominic was playing guitar with a bunch of hippies one night in Istanbul when, seeing the opportunity to play to an appreciating audience, I joined them. As the rest of the crowd went off to socialise and couple up, Dominic and I continued to sing and play for hours. I had some recording equipment in my apartment and within a couple of weeks he was over and we recorded what was to be the 4th track on the album, ‘Bauhaus’. That was a pivotal moment - for that song that inspired me to complete my ambition of setting up a remote recording studio - far from the distractions of City life (I grew up in London where prolonged silence is a commodity and studio time is bloody expensive). “Fours seasons later my studio in the South-West of Turkey was complete, and on a diet of beer, crisps and chocolate, we were recording the tracks for Paper Wallpaper. “Paper Wallpaper is an album with a story; the story of a hitchhiker who, together with a guy he met on a chance encounter, recorded an album in the space of 4 weeks - with no previous experience of studios or recording. Dominic has many of the same influences you might expect of a 20-something-man-that-sings-and-plays-guitar, only he has plied his trade on the streets of European cities and towns, far from the pretentious, snobby dives that make the ‘music scenes’ of The West. What you’re hearing is the sound of a guy who is dedicated to his art and passionate about music - no more, no less.”

Artist Bio

Dominic has been writing and playing with a fury since the recording sessions in the spring. ‘Barbie Frankenstein’ - a collaborative duo with rapper-girl Sadie from Minnesota - is an exploration of a different side of his musical tastes; finding inspiration in bossa nova, r’n’b, and hip hop, while staying true his honesty and direct songwriting. It’s true that these songs got Dominic arrested: he was performing some songs from Paper Wallpaper on the streets of Esfahan, Iran when he got arrested for ‘creating a crowd’. Thankfully he was released unharmed. Upon releasing Paper Wallpaper, Dominic is taking a planned hiatus - he is heading back to New Zealand, hitchhiking sailboats around the world and eventually retreating to brazil to sit in the sun and play bossa nova while fisting tons of tropical fruit into his mouth. He’ll probably be listening to Paper Wallpaper on the way...

Paper Wallpaper is an interesting album because:

  • Dominic’s voice
  • The music is diverse.
  • Debut album written and performed by a 23 year old hitchhiker who has been on the road for 4 years.
  • The songs are all fairly mellow, Dominic has written 'possibly hundreds' of songs on his travels, of which these fit his mood at the time of recording.
  • The recording of 'For Mum On Her Day' was written, recorded and delivered to Dominic's Mum all in the same day: Mothers day. On hearing the song, a discussion was had about including it on the album. Thankfully, it was.
  • The album cost under €100 to record
  • It's the first album recorded in Sound Farm Studios - the studio is located in an extremely isolated region of Turkey, with a farming allotment to the backdrop of a mountain view.
  • The significance of 4: the hitchhike to Turkey from Austria took 4 days, the album was recorded in 4 weeks and took 4 months to produce, including the mastering, Dominic has been hitchhiking overall for 4 years, since his 18th Birthday. There are exactly 4 musical contributors across all the songs.

Track List

  1. Song For Pomegranates
  2. Signs
  3. Karina
  4. Bauhaus
  5. David Bowie
  6. Song For Windows
  7. For Mum On Her Day
  8. Your Place
  9. Heart Explode

The Links

Paper Wallpaper album page on Bandcamp: paper wallpaper artist page on Facebook: Barbie Frankenstein page on Facebook: Barbie Frankenstein on Soundcloud: