I once proclaimed that "I'm going to record an album every year until I die". That was in the year paperwallpaper was released (2013). I failed in my goal the very next year.

Not long afterwards, I realised was unprepared for the drastic lifestyle changes necessary, so I altered the goal to something much more achievable: 'an album every 2 years'. Failed that too!

The point is this: the experience of recording an album was a great one worth repeating. With that said, here is my list of more attainable musical goals for 2017:

  • Record the improvised Stoner Rock Jam Collective jam nights once a month for 10 more months until session 12 - which should be in October.
  • Release a 'best of' compilation album of the best material in all the jams.
  • Work with M.C. Angebot on the demo/EP/Album - some time this year.

Stay tuned for updates on the above throughout the year!