End of a stressful week...

Submitted by Baris Tosun on Fri, 01/20/2017 - 18:58

What a week I've had. Went live with a tricky Drupal 8 based website at work - I ran into more than the usual hiccups during development and going live. I'll spend the weekend reflecting on the causes and measures that can prevent them in the future. A certain amount of the issues arose from an unfamiliarity with composer. Those issues will iron themselves out as I become more familiar with it. It would also help a great deal to update our install script for Drupal 8 projects to utilise composer more heavily in the creation, development and maintenance of our Drupal 8 projects. That's on the cards for the coming weeks.

I also received my order of DSA keycaps for my keyboard prototype. I ordered enough to try the profile out, though there aren't quite enough caps to completely cover the board. I'll decide which sets I want to order for that purpose later. Here's the gallery I published on imgur, as well as the main reddit post.

Regarding the site: I want to organise the categories a bit better. I also want to distinguish the static pages from the blog somehow. I'd like to add two sections that focus on some recent interests: namely the Jam Collective and keyboard development. It's unlikely I'll have time for that this weekend. I hope to at least draw out a plan before flying to London at the end of February - that's not as far away as it might sound!