A Brief History of Design & Freelancing

I've always enjoyed drawing things, and it was a skill I brought with me to the digital world. The first thing I 'designed' on a PC (or Mac, in my case) was a listings magazine; for one of my first business ventures.

The Time Out Factor

It was in 2006 while working for Time Out that I came into close contact with professional designers. I learned to appreciate the skill of working through tasks quickly and effectively, working with the client each step of the way.

First Clients

I started working for The Real Fight Club as an administrative assistant. I became their 'in-house' designer not long after. From my first flyer designs to the re-decoration of the reception and gym interior, I was trusted with every piece of imagery the company had a need for. This was on top of the administrative work and event coordination that I was responsible for. I decided to become self-employed during my time here.

Music and Austria

After a few years of freelancing I stepped into project management at Badoo (where I was solely responsible for the development and subsequent move into their flagship Central London offices). After another job involving an office setup, I took a break for a while to set up my own studio in Turkey. After dedicating a chunk of time to record an album (which is currently in production), I have now relocated to Austria, where I'm building my client base again.