Bands, recordings and music production

We go way back

I've been playing the guitar since 1994, I still own my first electric guitar, though it's had a face-lift or two since I first acquired it. The most guitars I've owned at one time has been 12, the current estimate is 10 (12 if you include bass guitars). Back when I first started singing I decided I needed a lot of practice. Together with my friend John, I set out with a target of 52 open mic night performances in a year.  Having performed at over 30 events in 3 months (more than 2 each week) we agreed the practise we'd had was enough.


The first band I was in had several names, some were tongue in cheek like Butt-rash and the Rock Ponies, others were vehemently cerebral, like Abandoned Rugs. I still want to record an album of those early songs, maybe some day I'll have access to a studio... Recently I played bass in Marjorie's Dead, and lead guitar/vocals in Outfit Glitch. I have nothing recorded to show for any of it :(


In 2011 I started shipping my recording equipment to a retreat in Turkey. Located on the outskirts of Muğla City, the Sound Farm recording studio is an ongoing project that I frequently post about on the blog. The first album sessions are currently in mastering and will soon be released to the masses.

Hub Live Sessions

During several periods in which I promoted live music and artists (together with my former business partner, Declan), I collected several hours of great live recordings. The Hub Live Sessions project will culminated in a collection of the best recordings, mastered and released on the web for everyone to enjoy.